"Redefine Protection!” U ACE, Inc. is an innovator and award-winning designer of a wide variety of automotive accessories located in Fontana California. Over the years, the U ACE team has been continuously expanding 3D® product collection to appease customers worldwide. Our growing collection, designed to deliver a touch of elegance with innovation, includes 3D MAXpider floor liners, Wintect all season windshield cover, Soltect custom sunshades, and interior styling accessories. Every day at U ACE, we are committed to placing a spot light on elegant and brilliant products. The momentum of innovation will keep on wheeling to ignite more protection products with style in automotive accessories market.


The U ACE corporate mission is based on two core values: innovation and advancement. While U ACE continuously strives to introduce superior innovative products to the market, we also use our in-depth industry knowledge and efficient teamwork mindset to continue expanding our brand. In result, U- Ace will raise the bar together with our business partners to sustain growth and perseverance.


Presently, U ACE has established a solid market presence with voguish innovative products. We will continue introducing leading edge auto accessories to fulfill consumer demands. Furthermore, U ACE prides ourselves to continue rising above the industry standards to revitalize the market place.